Quality assurance engineer

Developer mentality in Software quality

If soft skills are important for engineers, then why not apply them. We all are different people and approach our work in different ways to achieve the same goals. Each individual developer will find his own way of development and will make his mistakes and extraordinary decisions, or will not. The tester will also have different approaches to testing. But how does a tester approach testing depending on the developer? Initially, each task of each developer is checked equally. But over time, we (testers) develop bias - at first impression can be wrong, but over time it can become an algorithm of work and can help to save time on testing. Knowing where a person most often makes mistakes, what are his strengths, we already know what to pay attention to. I want to consider this testing model and analyze how our work depends on our mentality and the mentality of the people we work with. One of the principles of testing says - Testing depends on the context. But who said that context refers only to the application.

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