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Artem Trofimov.jpeg
Principal Software Engineer at Oracle
Valerii Moisieienko.jpeg
Senior Software Engineering Manager at Oracle

Public Interview: Distributed System Design

Historically we, like many in the Oracle UGBU's technical interview team, believe that one of the key skills that distinguishes Senior+ developers is the building fault-tolerant scalable distributed systems :) Understanding the principles of building global-scale systems such as Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. is required not only in FAANG, but also to understand the prospects for the development of existing systems - what if the user base increases 10 times? 1000? 100,000? Our conviction is so strong that we check the ability to design such systems during dedicated system design interviews, and the higher the position - the higher the requirements! We prepared a special interactive interview session with one of Oracle's Engineering managers to give an idea and an example of how to design distributed systems according to very general and, as it often happens, insufficiently specific requirements from the customer. Despite the joint preparation of this performance, specific design requirements are not agreed in advance and we are waiting for an exciting action on the stage and the opportunity to contribute for off-line participants :)

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