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Developer Advocate
at IBM

Reacting to an Event-Driven World

For the past few years the terms cloud-native and microservice architecture have been used interchangeably. However recently people have questioned whether microservices are the go-to solution for all problems, reflecting a growing maturity in our understanding of how to best take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing. While microservices have many benefits, they also bring their own challenges and better understanding (and some failed microservices projects) have led to a more critical evaluation of the suitability of microservices to all problems. This evolved understanding has resulted in a new interest in the place for monoliths and other architecture styles in the cloud. Whether referred to as macroservices, or cloud-native monoliths there is an apparent loosening of the association between the terms cloud-native and microservices. What does this industry evolution mean? Can monoliths truly be cloud-native? If it's not microservices, what makes something cloud-native? Join me as we take a look at microservices and monoliths in the context of cloud-native.

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