Marharyta Nedzelska

Software Engineer at Wix

Marharyta Nedzelska
I’ am a Software Engineer @ Wix and Kyiv Kotlin user group leader. Interested in Kotlin, Scala, Typescript, Microservices, Android, IoT and Machine Learning. I am also working on making Kotlin one more programming language for JVM at Wix and try to spread the light of Kotlin to other developers. I am very passionate about knowledge sharing, so I am involved in conferences such as Kotlin NIght Kyiv, Devoxx UA and one of the organizers of Rockstar Night dev club. As a speaker, I participated in JUG UA, Morning @ Lohika, IT Weekend, JEEConf, Voxxed Minsk, JFuture, Voxxed Ticino, Devoxx UA, Devoxx France…


Fear and Loathing in Scala and Kotlin interop




Have you ever thought of switching from our ‘good old java’ to something modern, more convenient, less verbose and elegant? Do you enjoy dealing with irritating things such as getters & setters, stupid type casting, poor switch, lambdas, checked exceptions, NPE…? Some of the java developers can’t stand it so much, that’s how many other JVM-based languages appeared...

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